A revolutionary, evidence-based approach to developing essential reading skills for ESL / EAL learners

A comprehensive graded readers platform that supports all stages of the learning journey for students, teachers and managers. It comes with a complete library of texts for all reader levels, as well as complementary accompanying activities and homework resources. For students, teachers and managers, the platform incorporates assessment, tracking and planning tools which are updated in real time, making reporting and intervention planning effortless.

teachers dashboard

An intuitive dashboard empowering teachers to track and enhance reading performance in their classes

The teacher main dashboard contains a wealth of data to support tracking, evaluation and intervention at class and individual learner levels. There is essential data on reading levels, quiz performance and reading time. The latter provides useful information on student commitment levels which can be directly linked to performance. A visual comparison with the school average can be used to motivate the class to improve their relative score.


A comprehensive suite of LMS tools for managing improvement

The platform provides essential LMS functions to support managers to improve reading performance. As well as full access to student and teacher dashboards, Admins provides an invaluable overview of all aspects of the school’s performance. Managers can compare classes, identify trends and prepare insightful assessment data with ease.