Foxton Readers are a brand new series of carefully graded readers, based on a wide range of classics, which have been adapted especially for ESL and EAL learners. They will also be highly appealing to native speakers of primary school age.

The books are aimed at learners of English from beginner to advanced levels, and are graded at seven different levels, including a Starter level.

April sees the launch of the first twenty books, including seven Level 1, seven Level 2 and six Level 3 readers. They are all based on a comprehensive grammar and vocabulary framework to match each ability level, and aimed to promote confidence in the reader.

Key features

✅ Range of genres to appeal to every taste

✅ Beautifully illustrated

✅ Carefully graded grammar and vocabulary

✅ Comprehension, grammar and vocab activities

✅ Universal classic stories

ESL / EAL learners

Students with EAL / ESL come from a wide range of different backgrounds, and therefore it is important to offer reading materials which have a broad appeal. The Foxton readers are all based on classic ‘universal stories’ of many different genres, so there is something for everyone.

In an ESL classroom, where teachers normally use an English language text book, the readers are a great resource when you feel you need to do something a little different and change the dynamics of the class.

Research has shown that students who read improve in all other areas of language learning (speaking, listening and writing) and at a faster rate than those who don’t read. Of course, reading English also helps students build their vocabulary and develop their grammar knowledge.

For most students, reading a book in English is a difficult task. Too much unknown vocabulary means students stopping frequently to look up words, demotivating them and spoiling their enjoyment of the story. As such, the graded readers are ideal. Students will gain huge confidence from being able to understand real fiction.

Native speakers of English

Primary school teachers will be particularly attracted to these readers as a means to getting their pupils to engage with reading as early as possible. Children will love the lavish illustration and enjoy the gripping stories, from Treasure Island to Alice in Wonderland. Reading is an essential skill for both native speakers and foreign language learners. Research has shown that reading for pleasure has a big impact on childrens’ general educational performance, so it is important to present as many opportunities to read as possible to children of primary school age.

How the readers are organised

Each level of reader has a limited number of keywords: Level 1 – 400 headwords; Level 2 – 600 headwords; Level 3 – 900 headwords. Any difficult words which are essential to the understanding of the story are highlighted at the bottom of the page with their meaning in English. There is also a complete glossary at the back of the book.

Each level of reader is also carefully graded in terms of the grammar.

The following table gives teachers an idea of the structures which students are expected to be familiar with at each level, and it will help them decide which level is suitable for their students.

Level-1 Grammatical Structures

Level-2 Grammatical Structures

Level-3 Grammatical Structures

Using the readers

Apart from the activities at the back of each book (comprehension, grammar and vocabulary), there are lots of other ways of exploiting the stories in the classroom. Teachers can use the illustrations in the book by getting students to guess what is happening or describing the characters in them.

Speaking practice – ask students to carry out role plays based on the characters, discuss questions relating to the story, e.g. Do you think Jim likes Long John Silver at the end of the book? What do you think Alice learns from her adventures? Students can discuss the questions in groups, then share their ideas with the rest of the class.

Writing practice – ask students to write newspaper articles reporting on part of the story, get students to summarise parts of the story in their own words or write their own ending to the story.

The readers can also be used for homework, with students reading a chapter each week for homework. They can compile their own vocabulary note books, based on the new words they come across.

Download Foxton Readers Brochure 2018


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