A Little Princess


ISBN : 978-1-911481-45-4
Author : Frances Hodgson Burnett
Published : 2019
Retold by : C.S. Woolley
Illustrated by : Liubov Bodnarska
Headwords : 400
Level : 1
Pages : 52
Release Date : 26 August 2019

Sara Crewe lived in India. She was kind. She was happy. She was friends with everyone. She was sent to a boarding school. The school was in London. Her father was in India. He gave her nice clothes. He gave her nice toys. She was like a princess. She was very rich. Her teacher did not like her. Sara’s father died. Sara was not rich. Her teacher was mean. Sara became a maid at the school. She was poor. She was hungry. She missed her father. She was still a princess. She gave people hope.

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